Living in La Posada brings you into a unique space where everything you need is within reach. Talk of social and recreational needs, all your desires will be fulfilled right here. Among the facilities and amenities, you will get to enjoy in La Posada include:

Swimming Pool

Whether you are a talented swimmer or still an amateur, the swimming pool facility is yours to enjoy. The warm summers in La Posada are just what you need to dip into the pool and enjoy a relaxing swim.

Function Hall

If you have a meeting that you cannot for logistical reasons hold in your home, Brittany has a well-designed function hall that you can just walk into and have your meetings right there. You do not have to book a space elsewhere if what you need is an environment where you can sit and deliberate on your affairs.


Physical fitness is part of an active life and La Posada encourages that. The gym facility here is well equipped, strategically located and having the trainers that will help through the basic and advanced workouts.


This is the center of activities here, if you want to catch a drink or two as you play your favorite board games with friends, the clubhouse gives you that luxury. Due to the large size of the community, the clubhouse is an excellent place to meet new faces and make friends.

Basketball Court

If you love some dribbling and slam dunks, the basketball court here is well done for that. It is a standard court and training here gives you the same advantage or even more from a personal training in a professional court. 

View Deck

There is no sane person who can get enough of the lovely views of the mountain ranges and the lakefront. When you become a resident at La Posada, this is a spectacle that you will be looking at everyday right from your view deck.

Other amenities you will enjoy here include adequate water supply from the water reservoirs and deep wells, 24/7 security and a perimeter fence to guarantee you and your family safety. Brittany also installed underground utilities for power, cable, and communication.

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  • Swimming Pool
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